For more than 30 years, students from around the United States have been attending the Marquette University Study Center in Madrid.

The Marquette Study Center makes its home within the Universidad Complutense de Madrid — one of Spain’s largest and most prestigious universities. Here students learn how to integrate into the campus life through daily contact with Spanish faculty, students and staff.


This blog chronicles the thoughts, experiences and reflections of these Marquette students as they live and learn the Spanish language and culture in the heart of one of Europe’s greatest cultural capitals.

To learn more about Marquette’s program in Madrid click here.


2 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Hi, I am doing a documentary project on Expats in Spain and a related side project for the Marquette in Madrid 50th anniversary. I would like to contact people and record filmed interviews or have written accounts on their experiences. Ideally I would like to speak to alumni from the last 50 years of the program. Please contact me Sheila E. Bloomquist, MD at or on facebook Sheila Bloomquist Wilmoth

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